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Rjúpa Guesthouse is in the ownership of the couple Kristján Ingvar Jóhannesson and Agnes Þórunn Guðbergsdóttir. Kristján Ingvar (b.1952) is a farmer and accountant and Agnes Þórunn (b. 1960) is a teacher. They live at Hróarsstaðir where they plant trees, farm a few sheeps and run a guesthouse in the old farm house that has now been renovated.



  • We source the ingredients for the breakfast locally or by using Icelandic produce.
  • We try to recycle, re-use or recover materials wherever practicable to prevent pollution and minimize waste.
  • We try to minimize any shrinkage associated with consumer goods and make sure our cleaning materials and detergents are from environmentally friendly products.
  • We make sure that the trash can be sorted for recycling and that bins are properly marked.
  • All our energy is from a renewable source. We also watch our use of energy, try to minimize it and to make it as economical as possible.
The farm 


The Guesthouse

A house with a story

The old farm on Hróarsstaðir was built in 1948. The builders were Sigurður Davíðsson and Kristín Benediktsdóttir, along with their children Guðrún and Davíð. Sigurður and Kristín lived on traditional farming with both sheep and dairy cows until 1970.

Kristín passed away 1971, followed by Sigurður in 1972. Their children, Davíð and Guðrún kept the farm going along with Guðrún´s son Kristján. Davíð passed away in 1986. Kristján and his wife Agnes moved in in 1985 and they lived along with Guðrún in the old house. In 1991 they built another house set slightly lower in the hill and moved in with their three children. Guðrún kept on living in the old farm house until she passed away October 2014.

Kristján and Agnes decided to remodel the old house into a guesthouse. Walls were taken down and others put up, floor heating was put in. Storage and milk house was united and made into a kitchen while the old kitchen and a storage was changed into a laundry room and bedroom. Outside, a new parking lot was created and a new path was laid to the entrance. The house is now operated as a guesthouse and can accommodate up to eleven people in fully made beds.

The old farm in the year 1962

Rjúpa Guesthouse in the year 2017

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